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Sleep Masks

Extend your beauty sleep! Handcrafted with attention to detail, the outside of each mask is classic cotton and the backside is super soft, minky fabric. Each includes a permanent, adjustable strap for comfort.


Retro Sleep Bonnets are perfect for protecting your hair, —short,  or super long, and  thick, and even with hair rollers/curlers —as you slumber. The outer layer is a chic cotton printed fabric and it is lined with a luxurious satin. Constructed with soft elastic that has been encased so as not to leave a dent in your forehead, this Sleep Bonnet will stay put all night long.

Sleep Bonnets

XL Sleep Bonnets are perfect for permed, braided, weaved, or silky-straight hair. Lined with either satin (for comfortable sleeping) or soft, flexible vinyl (to keep your hair perfectly dry while bathing).  Adjustable toggle allows you to custom fit the bonnet to your hair/head.

XL Sleep Bonnets for Natural Hair

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